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Samuel Powell sits on a wall in Lisbon.

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Hi, I'm Sam.

I am an experienced Webflow developer/designer from Ireland living in Lisboa, Portugal.

I have a passion for creating seamless, accessible user experiences.

Below, you can see some of my work, and learn more about my skills and education. I'm always open to chat about potential projects.


M.A. in Creative Music Technologies
Maynooth University
Grade - 1:1
B.Sc. in Multimedia
Dublin City University
Grade - 2:1




What My Clients Say

"From start to finish, Sam was superb. He understood exactly what I wanted, proactively put together a wireframe then designed and developed my company website. He then took me through how to edit/update it myself. Alongside his professional skills, he’s a really good guy and a pleasure to work with. I’ve had such positive feedback on my website & I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sam!!"
Sophie Rason
SR Consulting
"Sam did an amazing job creating a landing page for us. He understood the task at hand, asked the right questions, and made sure we were happy throughout the process. His creativity boosted the professionalism of our business. In terms of timing, he gave us an accurate estimate as to how long it would take, and delivered against that timeline.
Sri Karuppapillai
"Sam did a brilliant job on our website, with quite a tight deadline and specific requirements. He was highly responsive and great to work with."
Katelyn Prendiville
"Amazing experience. Samuel knows Webflow in and out, and is able to make changes and tweaks with very little difficulty. Has a great eye for design as well. Highly recommend!"
Tyler Koenig
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Webflow?
I use Webflow because it is the best modern tool to create visually impactful, secure, and easy-to-manage websites. It allows complete design freedom, unlike other visual website designers. Its CMS (Content Management System) is easy to use, so you can update your website with ease. If you are looking for a bespoke site that stands out, I can deliver it with Webflow.
How secure will my site be?
Webflow prioritises security, offering SSL certificates and other features to keep your website secure. You won't need to update anything - Webflow does all of that in the background.
Can I update my site’s content myself?
Webflow's CMS (Content Management System) offers a flexible solution. Easily manage and update content across your site without sacrificing design consistency.
Will I need to handle updates and maintenance?
Unlike traditional content management systems, Webflow handles updates and maintenance in the background. This allows you to focus on your content and business, without the worry of technical upkeep.